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Fed Up (2014) Documentary – Quit Sugar Today

Fed Up (2014) Documentary – Quit Sugar Today Recently I watched the documentary called Fed Up which came out in 2014. This documentary gave us a critical insight into the food and health industry in the United States. Basically this documentary shocks the viewer by exposing a number of little known truths in particular the…

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The Beach (2000) & Backpacking

The Beach (2000) In 2000 rookie director Danny Boyle turned the novel by Alex Garland into a silver screen production starring none other than Mr Leonardo DiCaprio who played the character of “Richard” a young 20 something backpacker from the United States making his way through the usual backpackers trail in South East Asia looking…

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It’s Still Your MutherFuckin Set – CT Fletcher

Ever Heard of CT Fletcher? No? Well I hadn’t heard of him either until about a year ago when all my gym head buddies started going around quoted some of CT Fletchers quotes and lines out of the YouTube video posted above. After watching this video it is clear you can see that CT Fletcher…

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The Meaning of Life & Quantum Physics

Joe Rogan’s Meaning of Life In this 10 minute YouTube video we are entertained by the spoken words of the wonderfully thought provoking Joe Rogan who goes deep into trying to show how little we actually know about why we are living here on earth and further in the infinite universe. Oh yes ladies and…

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