We would like to drop a bit of love by listing a few of the very important and influential links to other blogs and websites which inspire us to do what we do.

If you have an interesting website blog which is in line with many of the topics and discussions we explore here at the Place of Persistence then please feel free to drop us a line and let us know about your blog (placeofpersistence.com@gmail.com)

Of course any love you wish to send our way by sharing any of our blog posts or adding our website to your own blogroll we would be very appreciative.


  • Backpacking Addictz Travel Blog – This is my other blog which is centred around backpacking, adventure and budget travel.
  • Four Hour Workweek Blog – The official Tim Ferriss blog where he posts some of the most innovative and exciting information and case studies around.



  • Reset.me – interesting blog by Amber Lyon which focuses on topics like natural health therapies & other health conditions, and strives to help expand consciousness, enhance spirituality and well-being.


  • Onnit – For all things involving Human Optimization you should visit Onnit which offer you the ability to purchase all sorts of fitness and health products which has been tried and tested. Onnit is part owned by Joe Rogan so you know you can expect a no BS type of experience yet quality all the way.


  • Addicted 2 Success – Joel Brown and co will keep you entertained and motivated to achieve a better you in life with various blog posts and videos providing as much inspiration as you need.


  • The Wealth Guy – Joshua Stega is an independent finance guru bringing a fresh approach to the way you manage your personal finance.


  • SuperFast Business – James Schramko is one of the best online business coaches around, his attitude is no-nonsense & rather blunt but if you can get past that you will see how savvy, strategic & knowledgeable he is. Definitely my favourite internet marketer.


  • Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn has a wildly popular podcast, he is very personable discussing many aspects of his life and online business success.