The Meaning of Life & Quantum Physics

Joe Rogan’s Meaning of Life

In this 10 minute YouTube video we are entertained by the spoken words of the wonderfully thought provoking Joe Rogan who goes deep into trying to show how little we actually know about why we are living here on earth and further in the infinite universe.

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, Joe Rogan takes it to a whole other level with this video.

We often think that as a human race that we have figured it all out in terms of was the meaning of life is and what our purpose is. Yet after watching this video and receiving a reality check we quickly realize that in the realm of things our existence within the universe, well basically – we really don’t know shit. Our world we live in is metaphorically seen as a speck of sand on all the beaches in the world put together. Yet we often think that in this tiny shell of a world we live in that we have got everything all sorted out and that the small insignificant issues in our world are literally the most important things in the universe.

But I guess the main message that one could take from this video is to provoke your thought and not just settle for what the general consensus of people believe in. Failing to use our imagination and educate ourselves about alternate beliefs will inevitably breed more and more people who are stuck in their shell off a life wasting away without spending the little precious time we have here on this earth to expand our knowledge and horizons and lead a more purposeful and meaningful life.

The Purpose of This Blog & Video

So what is the purpose of this video and blog post?

Was it created just to fuck with us and make us realize how insignificant we are and how little we know?

I don’t think so….

I think that this video is far more positive than it is negative and it is really designed to make us think about our own lives rather than get bogged down with all the little insignificant issues that stress us out each day. We should instead take a step back and take a little bit more of a broader view of our own lives and really assess whether what we are doing from day today is what we really want to do and what we want to be in this very  small amount of time that we are blessed to be on this earth for.

Without sounding too preachy you should come away from viewing this video thinking and feeling more conscious about the life that you’re leading and perhaps giving some thought to how you can create a more meaningful and purposeful life.

What do you think?

Please leave your comments below this blog post because I would love to hear about what your thoughts are on the real meaning and message behind this video and see whether you agree with what I have discussed here in this blog post on the message that I believe can be derived from this video.

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Joshua Boorman
We aim to provoke your conscious thought and discuss all topics to help you live more meaningful and purposeful lives.
Joshua Boorman


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Joshua Boorman

We aim to provoke your conscious thought and discuss all topics to help you live more meaningful and purposeful lives.