Fed Up (2014) Documentary – Quit Sugar Today

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Fed Up (2014) Documentary – Quit Sugar Today

Recently I watched the documentary called Fed Up which came out in 2014. This documentary gave us a critical insight into the food and health industry in the United States. Basically this documentary shocks the viewer by exposing a number of little known truths in particular the relationship between the US government and big food companies in the United States. We are given considerable insight into the extraordinary amounts of sugar that big food companies have been putting into many of the food products we consume on a daily basis yet the deceiving nature of their marketing strategies have us believing that we are consuming foods which are beneficial to our health. The reality is that this could not be further from the truth!

We even take a look back in time to see how these big food companies in the United States gained so much power. We also see the conflicting interests and relationships between the US government and these big food companies.
Throughout this blog post I want to discuss some of the main issues which are of extreme interest to our future health on a global scale and the controversies which present society with an obvious uphill battle in stemming childhood obesity and other health problems.

How We Became Addicted to Sugar?

If you were not already aware of the fact that the Western world has become completely hooked on SUGAR then you will come away from watching Fed Up having a new understanding of where many of our societal health issues are coming from.  Whilst sugar is not thought of as an addictive drug like many illicit and non-illicit drugs or substances which have proven to be problematic in our society, the truth is that sugar is a food substance which has flown under the radar for far to long and the simple truth is that it is as addictive as any other drug out there that we can think of. What’s more is that it is available everywhere and even consumed unwittingly in almost all food items we would purchase from our local supermarket. Quite simply put sugar or its similar addictive counterparts have weeded their way into our daily diet and have turned us into the biggest class of addicts known to man.
In this documentary we take a short look back at the history and commercialism of big food companies and the products that they have been selling to us now for decades. We see that in the 19….0s a huge amount of exposure was being propagated amongst society that we were becoming to fat and unhealthy due to the high levels of fat content in our foods.

So what did the big food companies do?

They took large amounts of fat content out of the food products that they were selling to us which of course then left the problem of making the food products taste flavourless and unappealing. Food companies quickly learned that if they increase the sugar content in heavily reduced fat products that it would taste palatable and appealing to the consumer.
These big food companies were more about savvy marketing rather than doing what is right for the health of the consumer. They could market the hell out of their foods by saying that they were the healthy choice and that the products were good for consumer because of the low fat content but what they failed to tell the consumer was that they were simply replacing one unhealthy ingredient with another.
We are very quickly learning about pitfalls of sugar and now understand that sugar can be considered far worse of a food ingredient than fat ever was due to its debilitating affects on our health and its addictiveness.
This ladies and gentlemen is exactly how we came to be addicted to sugar. Sugar has weeded its way into our lives and we have seen from scientific research that the effects of sugar can rival that of some of the hardest drugs on our street such as cocaine.
Over the decades the big food companies have spent monster pus sums of money in marketing the hell out of their products to make us think that we are consuming healthy products which are low on fat. Whilst they tell us that we are consuming less fat they fail to disclose to us that we are eating far more sugar and that they have simply been replacing this fat content with the highly addictive sugar and other addictive ingredients such as corn syrup and various other similar additives which increase the flavour of their products.  The reality is that if you go along to you local supermarket and do some prudent label reading of products you with find sugar or a similar ingredient in nearly all products on the shelf especially when looking at processed foods.
It certainly is a major health problem that we are only beginning to wake up to and it is through documentaries just like Fed Up (2014) that we are becoming more aware about the global health problems that stand before us today.

United States Governments Conflict with Sugar

    How Big Food Companies are attempting to fool us? 

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