Encore Energy Program: Increase your positive energy levels naturally through our 12 Habit process!

  •  It is time to open your mind & body up to a new way of living.  
  • It is time to increase you positive energy levels. 
  • It is time to bring a greater amount of happiness into your life.



In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • 12 Energy Habits to Incorporate into your Daily Life

  • Real World Examples of how to use these Energy Habits

  • Learn to Grow both Physically and Mentally

The Energy That You Have Been Craving

Have you ever been around a person and they have been extremely bubbly, cheerful, active, full of life and overall very energetic about everything they are doing?

They just seem to be full of Happiness & Positivity with everything in their life! I know I have come across these types of people and I have often thought to myself geez I wish I had just a small amount of their energy and I would be able to be far more productive, active and happy in the things that I do in life.

If you have a look at a lot of successful, healthy and wealthy people in life then there is one thing that you will notice that is common amongst most of these people and that is that they are very proactive, highly energetic and they have a great deal of fire in their belly. However, far too often we see that the average person in society is tired and exhausted. Their energy levels are far too depleted due to the general stresses of life, work, relationships and financial pressures. Yet most of us don't even realize that our energy levels are so depleted and that they are actually impinging on how productive and happy we are in our lives.

For this very reason it's time to take a stand and take action to begin optimizing our lives. A great starting point for this is to increase our energy levels both physically and mentally.

At the end of the day we all need to realize that everyone is different and some people are simply born with a little bit more drive and fire in the belly than other people due to their personality and genetic make up which can enhance their ability to be more energetic. But certainly there are many different ways in which you can optimize your life by increasing your positive energy levels and that's exactly what we want to discuss throughout this program.

What Can The Encore Energy Program Do For You?

We have developed a wonderful new program that anyone can utilise in order to bring unlimited amounts of Positive Energy into their lives.

Happy DaysBy incorporating the 12 Energy habits into your life you will quickly find that you naturally become happier & more energetic with everything that you do.

Why CHANGE In My Life Needed To Occur?

For a mid 30 year old I had accomplished a fair bit in life to be proud of:

  • I had finished school, gone to University & obtained a Law Degree!
  • I had been admitted as a Lawyer, settled down & married the love of my life!
  • I had become a partner in a Law Firm & my wife & I had our first beautiful child!
  • I had a lot of friends & it appeared from the outside that all the right pieces of the life puzzle had fallen into place.

 Many people would perhaps think that I had life all sorted out and things were perfect.

But the reality was that I was struggling emotionally and physically. 

Some of the REAL LIFE issues that I was struggling with included:

  • My stress levels were through the roof!
  • I was becoming easily frustrated & angry at relatively insignificant things!
  • I was drinking more alcohol more regularly that I had before!
  • My fitness and health was starting to suffer due to the lack of exercise & poor eating choices!
  • It seemed like I was constantly worn out & tired!
  • My overall mental clarity seemed to be constantly sluggish & clouded!

Whilst it seemed like I had accomplished a lot of things in my life - there were a lot of things going in relation to my overall mental & physical health that definitely needed some attention.

How the Encore Energy Program Came About & Changed My Life?

Much of this changed to my life became apparent when I came across a wonderful yet highly complex book called The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer.

I purchased this book at just the right time - just before I headed off to Hawaii for a 2 week holiday. I spent a lot of time digesting the writings of Dr Wayne Dyer and it also got me involved in meditating.

After returning from my Hawaiian holiday I felt rejuvenated and very keen on following up on what I had learnt from my holiday, readings of Dr Wayne Dyer and introduction to meditation.

I decided to research and look into what can promote more positive energy within a person.

I was keen to know what made some people seem more energetic, more positive and generally happier in their day to day lives.

So that is exactly how I got on the path to finding out how to naturally increase your positive energy levels.

That is how the Encore Energy Program came about!

Why It's Important ?


The Encore Energy Program is an invaluable program that can instil positive energy and easy to do habits into your day to day life in order to allow you to think more consciously, put more focus and attention on your mental and physical well being.

The program will teach you about 12 Habits which will most definitely increase your levels of positive energy. In a nutshell these 12 Positive Energy Habits include:

  • Energy Habit # 1: Conscious Thinking
  • Energy Habit # 2: Meditation
  • Energy Habit # 3: Physical Exercise
  • Energy Habit # 4: The Food You Eat
  • Energy Habit # 5: Energy Substances
  • Energy Habit # 6: Avoid Negative Energy
  • Energy Habit # 7: Surround Yourself With High Energy
  • Energy Habit # 8: Become Conscious Of The People Around You
  • Energy Habit # 9: Be Conscious Of Your Activities
  • Energy Habit # 10: Random Acts Of Kindness
  • Energy Habit # 11: Strategically Placed Positive Affirmations
  • Energy Habit # 12: Forgiveness

What The Encore Energy Program Will Offer To You?

  • 1

    12 Highly Charged Energy Habits To Follow

    The guts of this program will teach you about some of the best Energy Habits around & teach you how to incorporate them into your daily lives,

  • 2

    35 Page Program

    The Encore Energy Program contains 35 pages of detailed information, processes and examples to show you how to increase your levels of energy and why this is important for your overall mental and physical wellbeing.

  • 3

    Real Life Examples To Follow

    Specific examples of how you can incorporate these habits into your life are provided and a very REAL insight into how you can maintain these habits.

  • 4

    A Tried & Tested Program That Works

    The Encore Energy Program has been tried and tested by myself (and others) and I can absolutely attest to its effectiveness in bring a greater amount of contentment, energy and happiness into my life.

  • 5

    IncreasedEnergy, Health, Productivity, Mental Clarity & Happiness

    The aim of the program is to turn you into a person who NO LONGER becomes stressed out over the little things in life and bring a greater amount of clarity and focus into your mind.
    You will feel both physically and mentally energetic after incorporating the 12 Positive Energy Habits into your daily routine.


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